Guy Reveal The 13 Biggest Turn-Ons for Girls in 2023

turn-ons for girls
  • SerialDaters
  • May 15, 2023

What are the biggest turn ons for girls? To be honest, each woman is different so what turns each woman on is different. However, there are some “universal” truths that seem to apply—in most cases. You’ll find some below. Beyond that, you’ll have to do some detective work on your own to find out what turns your girl on!

You Compliment Her Personality

A woman melts when you compliment her personality. It shows you care about her more than just for the sex. This, ironically, makes her much more willing to open up sexually.

Therefore, remember to compliment your girlfriend. Tell her randomly about personality traits you appreciate from time to time. Point out whenever she does or says something you are impressed by. Show that you genuinely appreciate all of her.

You Tell Her How Attracted You Are to Her

A woman is likely to worry about how attractive you find her. Is her skinny legs bothering you? Is her hair too shabby? Is that varicose vein a turn off? Is she getting too old?

Tell her she’s beautiful. Beyond that, tell her what you enjoy about her looks. Compliment her smile one day, her legs another day. Point out whenever she’s wearing something attractive. Tell her when she turns you on. Tell her just how mad hot you find her when she comes out of the shower. Tell her that she turns you on when you see her in bed. [Read: 10 Important Questions to Ask a Sugar Daddy]

Whenever you get a chance point out a) different things you find attractive about her looks and style b) whenever she makes you hot.

You Tell Her That You Love What She’s Doing To You

If you tell a woman whenever she does something you enjoy in bed, she’ll feel much more comfortable with you. In turn, she’ll relax and enjoy herself more. She’ll be more open to you. And she’ll likely be more willing to try new things, because she feels safe that you won’t humiliate her if things go wrong. She feels safe knowing that you appreciate her in the bedroom.

Plus, many women get turned on when a man tells her she’s making him horny. Be specific though—tell her exactly what she’s doing that you’re enjoying.

You Keep Your Emotional Wits About You

You don’t try to have sex with her when there’s a funny atmosphere because she’s stressed about something, or you just told her you’re unhappy with something in the relationship.

What’s more, a woman will feel less turned on if you forget to take out the rubbish. By that, we don’t literally mean the rubbish, but if you promised to check the car, pick up a bottle of milk, clean the house, or whatever it may be, she won’t feel appreciated. You doing what you said you would, will make her feel that you care about her/your life together. [Read: How to Make a Man Want You]

A woman is much more open to sex when she feels that both you and her are happy.

You Create Build Up

turn-ons for girls

You send her a sexy text. Compliment the hot dress she’s wearing at a party. Lit the candles for dinner. You set the mood, basically. This will help, not only open her mind to sex later, but also gauge her interest in it. If you see that she’s completely exhausted that day and barely looks up when you tell her how hot her dress is, chances are it’s not the right day for a romp in the bedroom.

You Pamper Her

A good massage. A nice hot bath. A glass of wine or hot cup of tea. By pampering her and making her feel well taken care of, she can relax. The more relaxed she is, the more likely she’s going to want to have sex.

Note though, if she’s had a really long day, any of the above may make her fall asleep. If so, let her. The next day she’ll be well rested and more up for sex. [Read: 10 Ways You Can Impress Your Girl And Make Her Feel Special]

You Do Something That Shows What a Great Man You Are

You just saved the neighbor’s dog from drowning in your pool, then you whipped up a fantastic lunch for her, and vacuumed the living room. You’re superman, basically.

When you do kind and considerate things, she’ll feel like she’s hit the jackpot. It will make you come across as incredibly sexy.

You Show Manpower

Your muscles are gleaming after your session in the gym. You just fixed the roof—preferably while bare chested. You held the doors for her and gave her your jacket (without implying she’s too weak to handle doors or cold weather). You’re a stud of a gentleman.

It’s cliché, perhaps, but women still love it. A strong, confident man, with nice muscles, and a gentlemanly streak is attractive to most women.

You Are the Prize Catch

At an event all the women fell for your charm, but you only had eyes for your partner. Oh, but the joy. When a woman feels like she’s won the best man in the country and he’s more attracted to her than anyone else, it’s a big turn-on. At least for most women.

You Show Love Often and in Unique Ways

A picnic here, a love note there. A cute text here, a bar of chocolate there. Small gifts, notes, and the aforementioned kind acts (from vacuuming the living room to providing massages), makes a woman feel loved. Be sure you set aside time just for her, too. Time where all your focus is on her. [Read: 12 Amazing Tips Will Let You Know How to Woo a Woman ]

It’s actually great to learn the five love languages because it will ensure that you can make pretty much any woman feel loved.

You Take Her Seriously

For her the most important thing when buying a car is how safe it is. For you, it’s how economical it is. You don’t pooh-pooh her need for safety. She feels respected.

In a similar manner, the most important thing for her on a date night might be the experience—she wants new and intriguing experiences. For you, on the other hand, it’s convention. By considering her needs, as well as explaining your own, you can show her that you respect her and have her wellbeing in mind as much as you have your own. That will make her feel valued.

You Ask Her What She Wants—And Give It

A woman will be turned on when you do the things that turn her on. It’s as simple as that. And the simplest way to find out what she wants is to ask her. [Read: Dating Conversations Starters – How to Talk to Girls Online]

You have already shown her that you’re attracted to her. You’ve shown her that you appreciate what she does in the bedroom. Now it’s time for a talk about what you both want to experience in the bedroom and a willingness to make it happen. Of course, this might also mean a talk about boundaries.

If a woman doesn’t know what she wants in the bedroom, ask her to do some exploring. Have her consult Google. Maybe ask her to read some books about sex. Maybe you could do so together? And perhaps a few steamy romance novels for her as well.

You Display Affection Physically

Hugs, kisses, holding hands, slapping her bum, cuddling—you do it regularly. The closeness can easily lead to sex at times when it’s appropriate and create a strong bond at times when it’s not.