10 Qualities of a Good Woman – Dating Basics and Traits to Look For

qualities of good woman
  • SerialDaters
  • May 15, 2023

Everyone has a “type” when it comes to dating or at least certain features that they may find more or less attractive than others. Then, there are those qualities that every person should have if you’re going to consider dating them. And before anyone asks, yes, physical attractiveness does matter, too. However, that’s a subjective topic and one that doesn’t necessarily make a woman “good” or “bad”. Thus, we’re going to focus on character traits and other qualities that define a person.

What you want from a “good” woman could vary compared to someone else. Perhaps you want someone well-read, world-traveled, and who can keep up with current events and politics with you. Maybe you just want someone who’s into the same areas of health and fitness as you. Ultimately, it’s about finding what you want. In doing that, here are 10 qualities of a good woman to keep in mind that will ensure you that you’re on the right track.

10 Qualities of a Good Woman Should Have If You Want to Date

1. Nurturing

Everyone needs a partner who is nurturing and caring. A good woman is going to be more nurturing, in a lot of cases, than even some of the best men. Women that want to take care of you (and their future potential family) are going to be some of the best that you can surround yourself with. Just be careful not to go too far and find someone who treats you like a child instead of a partner. Nurturing is one of another good traits in a woman. Control is not.

2. Trust

Any relationship worth having is built on trust. If you cannot trust your girlfriend or wife, how can you expect to have any kind of real relationship? Good people, including good women, are those who are trustworthy, as well as those who can trust others. If there is no room for trust in a relationship, it doesn’t matter how “good” either partner is because the foundation is all about honesty, respect, and being able to trust each other.

3. Forgiving

Good women are also forgiving. They’re not going to let you walk all over them, but they will be able to forgive when things go wrong, or mistakes happen. They will be more willing to accept apologies and help further the relationship and get through the hard times. Those who aren’t right for you or who aren’t ready for a “real” relationship may hold a lot of grudges or just think that forgiveness is something that you offer even if you don’t mean it. Genuine women are forgiving and mean it, 100%. [Read: Tinder First Date Ideas]

4. Honest

qualities of good woman

Honesty is one of qualities of a good woman should have in relationships. Any good woman that is worth spending time with will be honest and willing to share that honesty with you in a relationship. They won’t lie or keep secrets, share things with friends but not you, and so forth. The foundation of any good relationship involves honesty, trust, and respect. Honesty is one of best qualities in a woman, including romantic partners and friends.

5. Respectful

A good quality for any human is respect. This is another big foundational part of any relationship, and you cannot consider someone a “good woman” if she is not respectful. She should respect you as a person, respect your life and your choices, your friends, etc. If she is disrespectful toward you, your friends, or your life, you should be wary because this may mean that she’s not a good fit for you and won’t be the supportive partner that you crave. [Read: Should You Stay in a Relationship without Trust]

6. No Spite

Spite is an ugly emotion that’s commonly found in relationships where people are emotionally unhealthy. When a mistake is made or something goes wrong, spiteful people will plot revenge just to “get someone back.” A healthy person will not behave this way. They’ll take the mistakes as they come and try to offer forgiveness rather than getting mad and being spiteful.

7. No Jealousy

A woman who has healthy relationship habits and a healthy personality will not get jealous in that ugly way that some people do. Envy may creep up from time to time, but she’s happy with what she has, and the jealousy will never be a problem in your relationship. You should be able to have friends and a life outside of her and your relationship and she should be okay with that. If she’s jealous, it could be a sign of insecurity or other issues she may have.

8. She Inspires and Motivates You

A good woman, or any kind of good influence in your life, will be inspirational and motivational. She will help you strive to be your best and inspire you to become a better person in as many ways as you feel necessary. Her support and motivation will often be enough to keep you going, even when you get into a funk or have trouble motivating yourself. Having a partner that inspires you to be the best version of yourself is always going to make the relationship stronger and more enjoyable for both parties. [Read: Dating Sites and Apps in UK]

9. Positive, Supportive Attitude

A good woman will also have a supportive and positive attitude. Along with motivation, she will also provide the support that you need to make decisions and move forward in your life and as a person. She will want the best for you, no matter what that entails, and she will support you in all your work and personal efforts because she loves you and cares for you. If someone is unsupportive and negative, it could be a big red flag.

10. Good Communication Skills

Of course, you can’t have any kind of good relationship without effective communication skills. One of the leading qualities of a good woman is her communication skills and the ability she has to get along with others. She should be able to have mature, honest conversations without feeling attacked or feeling the need to argue. Healthy communication is a challenge for even the most emotionally evolved people, but it can change relationships for the better in so many ways.

If you’re looking for a good woman, this is just a glimpse of what you’ll want to look for. You deserve a person that loves and supports you in the same way you do for them.