10 Ways You Can Impress Your Girl And Make Her Feel Special

impress a girl
  • SerialDaters
  • May 15, 2023

Finding a girl may be a tough thing, but making her stay with you for a longer period of time is even tougher.

In order to be able to keep this woman to yourself, you will need to invest some time and care in her, which means that you will really need to make her feel special.

These are some tips and tricks you should follow if you want to impress your girlfriend and make her never wish to leave you.

Organize a picnic

Even though most men believe it is very hard to impress a woman and even harder to keep her all by themselves, it is actually the little things that will take you a long way.

Girls love going on picnics, and if you organize this sort of date for her somewhere outside the city, or even in your local park, she will definitely be very grateful for it, and she will enjoy every single second.

Take her on a road trip.

Even if you don’t have a lot of money, I am sure you will be able to take her to the city next to yours or to some interesting place even in your town.

Get her in the car and spend a wonderful weekend sightseeing some of the places you have never visited before. [Read: Is Flirting Cheating]

Get her tickets to her favorite band.

impress a girl

As you probably know, girls are usually crazy about a specific artist or music band, and there is nothing that can make them happier than a ticket to see their fave.

If you have heard that some of her favorite bands or singers are having a concert somewhere near you this year, you should definitely get her a ticket to go see them.

Take her to a pottery class.

Pottery is something girls really like, but they are often too shy to go to these classes, so if you know your girl is interested in it, you should definitely take her and spend some quality time together creating different things. [Read: How to Make a Man Want You]

Create an album of her photos

Even though it may sound a bit creepy, but if you have been dating for a while and you have a lot of her photos, you should definitely create an album full of them.

Bring her 101 rose

This may be a bit cheesy, but all women love flowers, and if 101 rose is way too much for you, you can always opt for a bouquet of peonies or lilies.

Make sure to find out what are her favorite flowers and get her a full bouquet of those.

Get her a personalized gift

If you have been dating this girl for quite some time now, then you definitely know what the things she likes and values are, and what is some kind of gift she is really wishing for. [Read: How to Make the First Move on a Guy]

In case your girl is into journals, she takes her vitamins, or she has a regular skincare routine, then you should definitely get her some of these things that she needs and is always stocking up on.

You can also make the personalized and add her name or initials to it because this is one of the things basically every store in the country offers.

Let her meet your family

If you really want to show her how much you value her and make sure that she knows how special she is to you, then this is the easiest and the best thing you can do.

Once she meets your family, she will see that you are serious about this whole relationship, and she will love you even more.

Get her a spa day voucher.

Every girl needs a rest from time to time, so if you know your woman is struggling at work and she is tired every day, you should spend money on a spa voucher. [Read: 100 Reasons Why I Love You]

She will be able to relax, enjoy a massage, sauna and get herself a facial, and she will definitely be very grateful for this gift because it is a thoughtful act that can really make her whole week a lot better.

Never compare her to other women.

However, the easiest way to show a woman you deeply care about her is by making sure you never compare her to other girls in your surroundings.

Let her know that she is special to you and that you never spend your time with anyone else because this is the true act of love.