How to Ask a Girl Out Over Text on a Date: Tips & Ideas

ask girl out over text on a date
  • SerialDaters
  • May 14, 2023

Texting is changing the conversation, quite literally, in the dating world. Of course, if you’re not comfortable with asking a girl out in the first place, it might prove to be even more of a challenge to do via text. Texting is a common form of communication these days, but you still do not know how to ask a girl out over text and that still doesn’t make it easy. When it’s hard to tell things like tone and inflection, it is a tricky road to learn how to text effectively.

The good news is that texting is a lot less confrontational than having to ask her face to face, which is why some people prefer it. You can avoid the personal rejection and know from a distance whether you’re going to get your shot. When you take the time to do some research, you’ll find everything from cute ways to ask a girl out to great text one-liners that will get her attention and more.

Here's what you need to know about asking a girl out via text and keeping her engaged in the conversation.

Tips for Texting the Girl You Like and Getting the Date

The first text is basically the same as the initial conversation starter in a physical interaction. Therefore, you need to think carefully about what you’re going to say and how to say it. You don’t have to have a full-on conversation just to ask her on a date but start with more than “what’s up” or “will you go out with me?”.

Here are some other tips to help keep your texts engaged and get better chances of her saying yes when you ask her out through text message.

  • Be playful and get her attention. Don’t go straight to the asking out. Catch her eye with something clever. Send a meme instead of a text. Make sure that you make a connection between the two of you so she knows you’re not just being friendly.
  • Make sure that you can keep the conversation going over text before you consider an in-person date. Sure, she might be great to talk with on Instagram, but will you be able to carry a conversation? If not, that first date could quickly become the last.
  • Find a convenient time to insert your ask in the conversation. Don’t make it too obvious. Don’t just blurt it out. Make sure that you put intention behind it and give her a reason to say yes beyond just putting her on the spot.
  • If she says no, don’t bail on the discussion. That can seem rude and terse. Politely thank her for being honest or say something equally respectful and then move forward in the conversation if it seems that it can continue. If it feels like her acceptance or rejection was a stopping point, you can always leave with something like, “Ok, great, we’ll work out the details later” or “Well, I’ll let you get back to your day…”

Cute Ideas and Examples of How to Ask a Girl Out on a Date

ask girl out over text on a date

If you’re using text and you want to get her attention (and get a yes), here are some examples to help you along the way. [Read: How to Talk to Girls Online]

In a discussion about food…

Ask her about her favorite cuisine, and then segue into whether she’d like to go out to eat sometime. Tell her about this place you found or ask her about her favorite place and if she can show you (your treat, of course).

You can also comment on how everyone has to eat lunch so maybe you should eat it together sometime. This is fun, casual, and lets her answer honestly or decide if she’d rather do dinner or another date idea entirely.

If she’s got something to celebrate…

Invite her out for a private celebration, such as dinner and drinks. Make it casual if you want so that there’s less pressure, but make sure that you express your pride and how you want to celebrate what she’s done.

The meme ask

Of course, one of the more amusing and unique ways to ask someone out is with a meme. You can create your own and get bonus points for creativity, or even use one of the thousands upon thousands of memes that are already out there today. Find the perfect one, send it along, and she’ll be ready to go out with you in no time at all.

The last-minute request

Perhaps you have an engagement or event where you’ve got a plus one but no “one” to take. This is a great way to ask her on a date with less pressure. Sure, you’re interested in her, but mostly you don’t want to look foolish being alone—make it seem like she’s helping you out and doing you a favor, and reassure her that you’ll make it worth her time. [Read: How To Talk To Women]

What to say when asking a girl out? Some other cute text ask-out lines include:

  • Good morning, would you like to have lunch today? (Simple, but effective)
  • I’m enjoying your company. Perhaps we could get together for dinner and see if it’s as enjoyable as texting.
  • Have you eaten yet? (She answers) Would you like to go get food with me? Or I can bring dinner over?
  • Hey, I’ve got an extra ticket to (movie, event, etc.). I know it’s kind of last-minute, but do you want to come with me?

The bottom line is to make sure that you get her attention and don’t overdo it with the cheese factor. Make sure that she knows that you’re into her and that you aren’t just asking her out for a friend date or a quick meal—you want more. It’s great to have text because it gives you time to create the perfect conversation. However, that can also make it that much more difficult for you to reach out and make the right words come together to get a “yes” when you ask her out via text. With these tips and suggestions, you should have no trouble getting more confident in using text to ask girls out and keep them interested in you.