How To Ask A Girl Out On Tinder? 7 Tips to Follow

ask girls out on tinder
  • SerialDaters
  • May 14, 2023

You believe you have met the right for yourself, you have already exchanged several messages, and you are sure that she wants to go out on a date with you too.

However, you are not really sure what is the right approach and how you should act in order to how to ask her out on Tinder.

If you are struggling to come up with a way to ask her out on a date, then you should definitely follow our short how-to guide that will help you impress her and say “Yes“ immediately!

Keep The Conversation Going

Consistency is the key with all women, whether that be with those you meet in real life or those you have met through Tinder.

If you want to show her that you sincerely care for her and that you want to meet her better and become a part of her life, then you should definitely keep on reaching out to her.

This will show her that you are thinking of her as a long-term option and that you genuinely care about her feelings, which is definitely a great sign and something that will make her accept the first date immediately.

Make Sure You Have Something In Common

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Keeping in touch with someone you have nothing in common with can be extremely hard, even if you have known each other for years.

For that reason, make sure there is something more than pure physical attraction and try to bond with this woman over something the two of you have in common. [Read: What Is Tinder?]

It can be your love for a musical artist, the same favorite movie, or your favorite travel destination.

These things can really help you create a sincere bond with someone and it will also make the woman feel a lot better about you, which heightens your chances of her accepting going to the first date.

Talk About Your Favorite Places In Town

If you want to show her that you want to hang out with her in the future, but you also want to stay subtle, you can casually mention some places or bars you like in your city. [Read: Tinder Conversation Starters]

This can also help you meet her by accident in some of these places because if you keep recommending them, she will probably be interested in it, and she may go there to check it out yourself.

However, if she shows interest in visiting it, you can always recommend taking her there on a first date.

Girls love it when they can explore your favorite places along with you, so this can be a great opportunity for you!

Pay Attention To Her Preferences

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There is nothing that will make a woman feel more wanted than seeing that you really care and that you have been keeping an eye on everything she has ever said and mentioned in your conversation. [Read: How Does Tinder Work]

If you remember that she likes visiting museums or that Hitchkok is her favorite director, and then you propose to take her out on a date like that, she will accept without even thinking twice.

These things are a sign that you are a high-quality man who will always try his best to satisfy his woman, and that is definitely something all of them are looking for.

You can even screenshot some things she mentions if you believe they may be important in the future, and then you can come up with an idea of a first date that will fit her likes and interests the best.

It doesn’t have to be something fancy or expensive as long as it is something that will make her feel like a princess.

Never Make Her Wait

The worst thing you can do with texting a woman you like is to play hot and cold games because they can only lead to her staying away from you. [Read: Tinder Bios for Guys]

Real, high-value women avoid this kind of game, and they will immediately start ignoring a man who is trying to play with them this way.

If you want to show her that you really like her, you better reply to her the moment you see her message, never let her wait hours or even a day for a reply.

She will fall in love with a man who is always there for her and who can answer her message even in the middle of the night, so if it is not you, it will definitely be someone else and trust me, that guy will definitely make her go out on a first date with him.

Listen to Her Wishes

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If you see that she is hesitating on meeting up with you in real life, then wait a bit longer before you propose a first date.

In case she is quite open with you and you see that she is ready to meet you in real life then make the move as fast as you can.

The most important thing always is to listen to her wishes, and if it is clear that she is not ready to meet you yet, then respect that. [Read: Tinder Openning Lines for Icebreakers]

If you try to force something, you will just make things worse and even lose her.

When to Ask a Girl Out on Tinder

If you really want to meet her in real life, then state it clearly, don’t go beating around the bush because someone else will take the advantage and seduce her.

When you realize that you really like her and that you want her in your life, be open about it and show it to her because it is the only way you can make her realize how important she is to you.

Pack it up in a nice and clear way and invite her out on a first date, and even if it doesn’t work out and she declines your invitation, at least you won’t be wasting any more time on a woman who clearly doesn’t like you.

I hope you were able to get some useful advice from this article and that you will implement all of these tips and tricks in the future when you decide to invite your dream girl for a night out.