How To Talk To Women – 10 Tips to Blow Her Away!

how to talk to women
  • SerialDaters
  • May 15, 2023

Starting a conversation with the woman you like may be one of the scariest things every man needs to do, and we completely get it.

However, this doesn’t have to be that scary if you are cautious enough and know what are the things that will keep her feeling comfortable and joyful in your company.

These are the top 10 tips on how to talk to women, so make sure you follow them to gain success!

Start With A Compliment

The key to making a woman feel comfortable in a conversation with you is in making sure you show her that you value her and that she is a worthy woman in your eyes.

If you want to impress her and keep her hooked so the two of you can continue your conversation, then the best thing you can do is start with a compliment and talk about how great her hair or makeup is.

This will immediately set a positive tone and help you kickstart a deeper conversation.

Tell Her A Joke Or Two

A good joke is always a good thing to say, whether you are talking to men or women.

For that reason, make sure you always have a good number of hilarious jokes because they will definitely help you build a more pleasant atmosphere.

Never Mention Your Ex

how to talk to woman

One thing every woman will run away from is a guy who keeps on mentioning his ex throughout the conversation, and the moment they hear you talking about her, they will run away as fast as they can.

Whatever may happen, make sure you never mention your ex in any sort of context because it is really a red flag because it shows that you probably still care about her or that she is still on your mind frequently, which are the things no woman wants to deal with.

Find common topics

Just like you would do with anyone else, you need to make sure there are some common interests and topics between you and the woman you are trying to flirt with.

If you really have nothing in common with this woman, I don’t know how smart it may be to try to start any sort of relationship with her because it definitely isn’t really good. [Read: What’s It Like Dating a Single Dad]

Ask about her favorite things

Always make sure you are not talking about yourself all the time, so prepare a few personal questions you can ask her whenever.

Ask her about her favorite movie, song, painter or, color – these questions are pretty simple, but they will show that you are interested in getting to know her, so she will definitely appreciate it.

Pay Attention To Details

In order to keep the conversation going, make sure you are listening to her carefully and often ask her questions about some details she has mentioned. [Read: Ready to Get Into a Relationship]

This will send her a sign that you really are listening and paying attention which is always a nice gesture.

Ask Them Deeper Questions

Don’t settle for superficial questions like what is her favorite, movie, destination, or color, but rather try to come up with something original and even ask them about their biggest dreams, biggest fears, or even the worst experience they have ever had.

However, make sure she feels comfortable and never ask these things if you are just getting to know each other because it may create a weird atmosphere.

Let Her Talk About Herself

The more you allow her to speak about herself, her wishes, and views on life, the more appreciated she will feel and the higher your chances will be. [Read: Dating After Divorce]

Women are really just looking for a guy who will be there to listen to them, even if they are talking about the most irrelevant things ever, so be the one who provides her with that.

Never Interrupt Her Personal Space

Plenty of men tend to get closer, and a bit touchy as the conversation starts developing, but if your girl is not the one initiating it, I wouldn’t recommend it, especially if you are still on a first or second date.

Make Sure She Is Never Bored

If she starts feeling bored in your company or the conversation doesn’t seem stimulating for her, you are doomed for failure.

Interact with her, always ask her something different and make sure you always have something interesting to say; otherwise, she will leave.