Does He Still Love Me? – 10 Signs Your Ex, or Even Current Partner, is Definitely Still Feeling It

he still love me
  • SerialDaters
  • May 15, 2023

Reassurance is always a good thing, and sometimes in relationships, it can be a necessary part of feeling secure. Of course, if you’re concerned that someone is (or isn’t) still in love with you, there are some security issues to discuss. Fortunately, it’s relatively simple to figure out if your boyfriend, husband, or even your ex, is still in love with you or if they’re totally over it and ready to move on.

Of course, for those who are still in relationships with these people, that last part can be a bit of a challenge. If you’re here, though, the chances are good that you’re willing to accept that this may be a situation that needs to be addressed. Whether you’re hoping for a yes or a no here, these are the 10 signs you should look for if you want to know does he still love me.

1. If he tells you he loves you

This is a bit obvious, and may not always be the case, but if you can trust your partner (or ex-partner), then there’s a good chance if he says “I love you,” he means it. Breakups don’t happen because people fall out of love—not always, anyway. Sometimes breakups happen and people move on for one reason or another, and the love doesn’t necessarily leave right away (if ever).

2. He finds reasons to call and/or text you

If you notice that he’s going out of his way to text or call you, it could be a sign of love. It’s a sign of interest, at the very least. He wants to share his life and his day with you and wants to hear about yours—that says something and that “something” is usually love. [Read: How to Talk to a Girl You Like Without Being Nervous]

3. He’s following your social media

One of the surefire signs your ex still loves you is if he is keeping up with you on social media and staying friends with you on the various platforms. Sometimes, this can be done after a breakup when things are amicable, but if he’s paying too much attention, it could be a sign that he’s still in love with you.

4. He keeps in touch with your family

he still love me

When you find yourself asking family and friends, “does he still love me?”, and they’re quick to reply with how he contacts them or stays in touch, that’s a big sign. Not only is he taking the time to keep in touch with you, but he’s treating your family as his own, too. If he is golfing with your dad or even just calling to check in on your mom, it could be love. [Read: 11 Subtle Ways of How to Show Affection in a Relationship]

5. If he’s unnaturally angry, it might be masking love

One of the easiest answers to how to know if your ex still loves you is as simple as it is complex: emotions. Anger, for example, is often used to mask love, hurt, or other emotions. Sometimes, people are hurt and don’t know how to react, so they get mad or respond in another unusual and uncharacteristic way.

6. Jealousy

Again, emotions are a big factor here. If you see that your ex (or current boyfriend, husband, etc.) is acting jealous or seems to be curious about who you’re spending time with and how much time you’re spending, it could mean that they love you. If it’s too overbearing and becomes unhealthy, there’s a bigger problem. However, if they’re just a little jealous of your time and whereabouts, it’s probably a good indicator they still love you. [Read: How to Talk to Girls Online]

7. He “bumps into you” at places he knows you frequent

Bumping into someone presumes that you didn’t expect to see them there. And yet, you seem to always be “bumping into” your ex, time and again, at places you’d never have found him in the past. What’s the deal? Is the universe messing with you? Probably not. He’s probably just missing you and still loves you and doesn’t know how to say that. So, he tries to find ways to organically insert himself into your life so that you don’t “forget” about him, or perhaps he can get back in your good graces.

8. His friends mention how miserable he is

Any guy who’s going through it will have buddies who know just how bad it is. Even if it’s only one friend, someone knows. Guys talk just as much as girls and when he needs to be cheered up, who’s he going to call? If his buddies are telling you that he’s having a rough time or that he’s acting unusually, it could be a sign that love remains. They may even outright tell you he still loves you. You just have to decide whether you can trust their input and their intentions. [Read: How To Talk To Women – 10 Tips to Blow Her Away! ]

9. He’s not dating others (for exes)

If we’re talking about an ex being in love with you, this is a huge indicator. He’s not dating. Not even talking to other girls. And he might even make it a point to tell you so. In any case, this is a big red flag that’s filled with love—he’s got a lot of it, but it’s all for you so there’s no reason to date anyone else. It may just be that he’s not over you or that he has other priorities, but the chances are good that it’s also related to how he still feels for you.

10. He regularly brings up the “good times”

If you have a situation where you still talk to your ex and he’s constantly bringing up the past and all the good memories that you had together, it could be a sign of love. He is reminiscing about all the good things, possibly in the hopes of getting back there eventually. It might just be casual conversation, but if it happens a lot, it could be a sign that love is still on his mind (and in his heart).

These are just a few signs you can use to judge whether he still love me, but they’re all fairly good indicators that your ex still has it for you in a bad way. Even if you’re just checking in on your current relationship, all these signs could point to love.