Why Am I Getting No Matches On Tinder? How to Solve It

no matches on tinder
  • SerialDaters
  • May 15, 2023

Even though Tinder has millions of active users worldwide, it seems like there are plenty of people whos struggle with getting matches.

Quite often, Tinder is not the one creating your problems but your behavior on the platform or your not respecting the rules of the algorithm.

If you want to solve this problem and get hundreds of matches without any issues, then you need to follow these pieces of advice.

Check Out Your Profile

Even though you had uploaded both a profile picture and a bio when you were joining this dating app, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is still there.

Tinder is known for deleting or getting rid of content that may look fake or offensive, so sometimes, it gets rid of people’s bios or pictures without a specific reason.

If you open your dating profile and see that some things you have uploaded are missing, then this is definitely the reason why you weren’t able to get a large number of matches on it.

Once you upload everything again and save all the new settings on your account, you will be able to continue matching with people without any problems.

no match on tinder

Also, make sure your profile photos are of good quality and actually look attractive to other users.

Sometimes Tinder can mess up with the quality of your profile pics which can make you look like a scammer or a fake profile, so make sure your pics look good.

If they don’t, reupload them and repeat the process until Tinder uploads them in their full quality. [Read: Effective Tinder First Date Ideas]

Women will never reach out to someone whose profile pictures don’t look good, and if they see that your pics are pixelized, they can even report you to be a scammer, so please watch out for this because it can create a lot of problems for you.

Check Your Age Range

Many men in their 40s and 50s set their age range to be 18 to 22, or 24 and in all honesty, do you really think that you will get a large number of matches within this age range?

Don’t be unrealistic, and make sure you are always trying to date in the dating pool that is aimed at you, not guys who are 20 years younger than you.

Check Your Location

Tinder is notorious for its location settings, and plenty of problems tend to appear with this one, even if you are not doing anything in your settings.

Some people don’t like sharing their actual location with this dating app. Hence, they switch this setting off, but this can also eliminate them from people’s homepages that can create a big problem and completely undermine your dating experience. [Read: Best Tinder Openning Lines for Icebreakers]

In case you are using a VPN app, things like this can happen too, so before you contact Tinder customer support, make sure your location is set straight and that your location is true.

Make Sure Your Bio Has Enough Information

I have come across plenty of men who have never written a word in their bio, and they kept on asking themselves why they weren’t getting enough matches.

The answer is quite simple – no one will swipe right on a person that didn’t manage to share anything about himself on a dating app.

If you want to create a bio that will really make these women interested in you, you need to share things like your age, location, job, education, hobby, likes, interests, and the type of relationship you are looking for.

This will make the selection process easier, and it will definitely help you attract the right women for yourself and spare a lot of time you would have otherwise spent with a girl you have nothing in common with. [Read: Best Tinder Bios for Guys Copy and Paste 2022]


no match on tinder

Many people have noticed that they were able to get plenty of new matches the moment they hit the reset button on Tinder.

This is an old hack that works on pretty much every dating app there is, and it can help you continue you your dating experience to the fullest after just one click.

No one really knows why Tinder gets people shadowbanned, but things like that happen, and the easiest way you can get rid of this is to reset your Tinder or reinstall the app on your device.

Everything should be working fine, and you should be receiving new matches after this simple step.

You Hit The Limit Too Many Times

This doesn’t happen that frequently but I know quite a few people who are guilty of it.

As you probably already know, Tinder has a daily match limit, and the moment you match with 40 people, you need to wait 24 hours before you are allowed to check with someone again.

If you hit the swipe limit too many times, Tinder may ban you for a while, and it won’t allow other people to swipe right on your profile. [Read: How Does Tinder Work]

This is done to protect everyone on the platform from potential scammers and fake profiles, and while it is an excellent privacy policy, you still need to make sure you don’t break this rule way too many times.

Pay attention to your swipe limit, and if you hit it two times in a row, make sure to stay away from the app for a day or two because you don’t want to risk not being able to match with anyone for weeks.

This can also happen if you swipe back everyone that has ever sent you a like, so be cautious of this action too.

These things are considered spam and bot behavior, and it can even cost you your whole dating profile if it keeps on repeating way too often.

I hope I was able to help you realize what the problem with your Tinder profile is and why you were not able to get a Tinder match for a while.

Things like this happen often, but you can solve them with just a few clicks, so don’t stress too much if you find yourself in this situation.