How To Avoid Scammers, Bots, And Fake Profiles On Tinder

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  • SerialDaters
  • May 15, 2023

Scammers, bots, and fake profiles are things that tend to appear on all dating apps, and Tinder has the biggest problem with them because it is the largest online dating app out there.

However, if you have a bit of experience on these dating apps and you are able to sense when something is off, then you definitely won’t struggle too much with recognizing a scammer.

I have decided to provide you with a short how-to guide that will help you realize whether you are dealing with a real, sincere person or with a fake profile.

Scan Their Profile

Recognizing whether someone is a scammer or not can be pretty tough, especially if you don’t have too much experience with social media and dating apps of this sort.

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It can be quite hard to see whether the person you are dealing with is faking and making up everything, but if it is a bot profile, you should be able to recognize them easily.

Bots usually use generic sentences, and if you come across something that looks like it was written by a robot, then you are probably dealing with a bot.

However, if you are deliberating whether you are dealing with a scammer or not, then you should definitely keep an eye out for their grammar.

Scammers and fake profiles usually have bad grammar because these scams are performed by people who don’t speak English as their first language.


Of course, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone who has grammar mistakes is a scammer, but it is definitely a sign that shows you that you need to be extra careful with this person.

Also, if things don’t seem to add up, like their age and their profile pics, that is also a warning that not everything they are saying is true.

Compare their profile with yours, and then you will probably see what some unusual things you wouldn’t otherwise be suspicious of are.

Inspect Their Messages

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In case you weren’t really able to realize who you were dealing with based on their dating profile, you can always swipe them back or respond to their message and see how things are going.

The moment you see that their answers are generic or that they are answering only with “Yes“ or “No”, you will know that you are dealing with a bot.

Bot profiles can send only this sort of robotic message, so if they don’t seem to be answering anything else, you should just ignore them.

However, if you see that someone is trying to write you in broken English or that they are immediately recommending you to meet up, share your social media handle, or some other private information with them, you need to keep your eyes wide open, because it is probably a scam.

Regular Tinder daters would probably reach out to you with a pickup line they have found online or they would start a regular conversation with Hi or Hello, so if this convo is not adding up, then you should move along and block this person.

Look Them Up On Social Media

In case this person has shared all sorts of private stuff in their Tinder bio, and they even have their full name, workplace, place of education, or the name of the local club they are enrolled in, then you should check them out on other social media like Facebook or Instagram.


If you are dealing with a real person, something must pop up, and they would probably be using a similar username on all of these apps.

However, this isn’t necessarily a proof that you are dealing with a real person because someone could easily be taking another person’s identity and trying to scam you into believing you are talking with them, so be cautious.

Google Search Their Photos

The easiest way to see whether someone is really using their own photos as their Tinder profile pics or he or she has downloaded photos from a random Instagram influencer is by Google search.

All you have to do is screenshot their picture or copy paste it into your Google browser, and you will be able to see whose photos they are.

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You will be redirected to websites where you can find these photos, and you will also see who posted them.

Based on this, you can see who the person you are dealing with is, and you can realize whether they are faking it or it is really them.

This has proven to be one of the best techniques in my experiences, so this should probably be one of the first steps you will make.

Venue Promotion

The moment you see someone on Tinder is all about promoting a specific venue or event; you should stay away from them because the chances that they are a scammer are 99%.

There are several popular scam offers and messages you can receive that are talking about calling you out on a venue promotion somewhere in your town and where this man or woman will be talking about how exclusive and one of a kind it is.


This is quite a popular scam, and you will see that plenty of people online has talked about it, so if you receive or see something like this, just block the person.

It is a human trafficking scam, and it is pretty dangerous, so the moment you see someone mentioning it, block them and report the account to Tinder customer support to save both yourself and someone else.

All of these things can lead to horrible events, so I would never recommend you to meet up with someone from Tinder in a private place, at least not until you make sure they are a natural person and you have profound evidence of it.


I hope this article was helpful and that you will easily differentiate a natural person from a scammer, and I sincerely recommend you to stay safe on dating apps like this, whether you are a man or a woman.

If you see something suspicious, make sure to report it and save other people from scammers.