What to do After First Date With a Guy - Providing 7 Tips

what to do on after first date
  • SerialDaters
  • May 15, 2023

What is the right thing to do after the first date is something all women tend to struggle with, so if you are in this sort of situation at the moment, you should definitely act mindfully and make sure you don’t mess things up.

Women tend to react out of emotions which is not always the best thing, so here are some pieces of advice that can help you handle the dating experience and learn how to act after the first date.

Let Him Know You Enjoyed The Time You Spent Together

The worst thing you can do after the first date is to act cool and uninterested and completely ignore the guy after the first date.

Most women are empowered by their friends to do this, but in general, it is a really bad thing because the guy will probably think you were completely bored with him.

If you had a nice time with him, let him know and send him a message, because this will immediately send them a sign that you are also interested in a second date.

Don’t Become Needy

The other bad thing some women tend to do after the first date is acting needy and calling the guy all the time.

Even if you had a great time with him, you don’t have to become that pushy and I would recommend you to keep it cool.

Send him one message to tell him how enjoyable it was and then wait for him to initiate the conversation again.

Develop A Bond Gradually

what to do on after first date

The best way to keep the guy to yourself and even initiate something bigger and stronger in the future is by building the bond gradually.

Send him a message from time to time, follow him on Instagram, share some memes, and like his photos – this is the easiest way to keep him glued to you and he won’t even be aware of how attached he became.

Show Him You Have More Options

If a guy is sure he is the only one in your dating pool, then he will bring in no effort to seduce you or to make you feel comfortable and loved in his company.

For that reason, you should always show him that he is definitely not the only one you can have and that there are dozen of men standing in the line, waiting for them and their chance.

This is also a technique that will help you to keep him interested in you and even force him to initiate another date because he will be afraid of losing you.

Keep It Warm But Cool

When talking and messaging him after the first date, you should make sure you are always polite, but you also need to keep it cool and make sure you don’t sound too desperate.

Women who have the most success are those who know how to control the conversation and know how to keep the conversation going but still to remain their cool.

Always sound like a pleasant company, but never be the one who sends messages all the time, asks plenty of questions, or is nosy.

This will make him go crazy over you!

If You Want A Second Date – Hint

Men hate when they have to read your mind in order to realize what you really want and think about them, so if you want to see him again, send him suggestive messages that will show him you really liked the time the two of you have spent together.

Don’t listen to those dating coaches who keep insisting on women being cool and absolutely ignoring the guy.

Hint that you liked him and that you would like to continue seeing him, but of course, try to pack it in cute messages and phrases so it isn’t that obvious.

Casually Interact With Them On Social Media

If you want to keep them on thin ice but don’t really want to message them, social media offers you plenty of ways to do that subtly.

You can like their pics, watch their stories frequently and even share some stories that may be a sign for them to reach out to you.

This is a great way to stay present in their lives and stay on their mind even if you are not interacting with them directly.