Is She THAT Into You? 12 Signs Things are Turning Serious

she want into you
  • SerialDaters
  • May 15, 2023

When you’ve been with someone for any length of time, it’s natural to wonder whether things are going to get serious. Perhaps it’s even a “when” instead of “whether”—but in either case, there are a lot of good signs that you can keep an eye out for to determine if she might be thinking about getting serious.

Bear in mind that not all these signs may be present, and not all relationships will have the same signs. However, it’s a good way to get an idea of what to look for and cross some of the surefire signs off the list so that you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Ready or not, here are 12 signs she wants a serious relationship with you.

1. Body Language

Women who are really into you will tend to be more touchy-feely, open with PDA (personal displays of affection), and more intimate than sexual with their partners. If she’s more cuddly, wants more kisses or attention physically, or even if she’s rubbing your back suddenly out of nowhere, it could mean that she’s starting to feel more like a serious relationship than a date.

2. Honesty and Openness

When she can be open and honest with you, it could be one of absolutely signs she wants a serious relationship with you. Some women will keep to themselves and won’t open up to the men they’re dating. If she lets her guard down and starts letting you in, appreciate and recognize that because it could mean she’s ready for more.

3. Improved Mood

If she’s suddenly happier, loves being around you, or talks about how much better you make her feel on a daily basis, it could be a sign that something more serious is on the horizon. She will be glowing, gloating to friends and family, and basically oozing feelings all over the place. This change in personality or mood could be a signal for you that she’s ready to step things up a bit. [Read: The New Relationship Timeline]

4. Inquiring about Exclusivity or Dating Apps

she want into you

Have you had “the talk” yet? No, not that one; the one about whether you’re exclusive or not. She’s going to ask you about your dating profiles and habits eventually to find out where you stand. If she asks, it means she wants more or at least wants to know where she stands. Don’t lie, but expect this to become a conversation about where your relationship will be headed.

5. Change in Habits to Spend More Time with You

Perhaps she’s started changing her routines so that she can be with you more often. Maybe you’ve noticed that she has started doing her afternoon run in the morning since that’s when you go, or she’s no longer taking those weekend shifts because that cuts into the time she has to spend with you. This is one of obvious signs might be ready to settle in and settle down. [Read: 10 Ways to Meet Single Women]

6. She Asks Questions about the Future

This is a big indicator that she’s ready for more. She may start talking or asking about marriage, family, kids, settling down, and so forth. Pay attention to how she’s asking and talking, though, because this could be as simple as her just wanting to know you better. On the other hand, it could be a sign that she’s ready to settle down, hopefully with you, and wants to make sure that you’re on the same page.

7. She’s Ready to Financially Commit

Whether it’s getting a place together, combining your cell phone bills, or any other financial gesture, this is a good marker that shows she’s ready for more. Everyone knows that financial entanglement is often the most difficult part for some relationships, and it usually doesn’t come without a discussion of a serious future because of how hard it can be to untangle if things go awry.

8. She Wants to Meet Your Family

Usually, meeting your family is reserved for someone who is really going to be a part of your life. Most people don’t introduce their family to every single date because there isn’t necessarily a reason to do so. If she’s asking about your family or when she can meet them, it could mean she’s ready to take things to another, more serious level. [Read: How to Make a Man Want You]

9. She’s Calling You Pet Names

Some girls start with pet names right away. Others will wait until they feel like they’re getting more comfortable or falling for you and start coming up with cute names instead of using your actual name. If she’s got a laundry list of pet names or even if you just can’t remember the last time you heard her use your actual name, it could be a sign that she wants more.

10. She Remembers the Important Things

When she’s into you she’ll remember the important things. Whether it’s your birthday, your favorite foods, or even that you have to take your dog for a walk every afternoon at 3 PM, she’ll remember these things. She will probably make it apparent, too, and ask you questions about those things to show she’s interested and paying attention. [Read: How to Make the First Move on a Guy]

11. She Goes Out of Her Way for You

Beyond just spending time with you, this is when she goes out of her way to run into you, to help you with things, or to make dates work. She might make a special trip to the store because you have a favorite snack craving, or perhaps she rearranges her work schedule so she can spend the weekend with you and still fulfill her responsibilities. If she’s accommodating for you, it’s usually a sign she’s ready for serious.

12. She Asks You for More

Of course, nothing is more indicative of the fact that she wants more than flat-out asking for it. If she comes to you and asks where you see your relationship going, it’s probably because she sees it going to a serious place and wants to make sure that you’re on board. Make sure that you have an open and honest conversation here—don’t just go with it because she feels it.

These are just a few indicators to keep in mind when you want to know whether your girl is ready to get a serious relationship. Of course, you could also find other signs, so make sure that you’re paying attention and communicating openly.