15 Free Sexting Apps & Sites to Trade Nudes With Strangers

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  • SerialDaters
  • May 15, 2023

Looking for some fun? Online sexting might be the way to go! It’s not always that we want to meet with people and hookup—we might just want some fun on the side. Low key, easy to maintain, and still exciting!

We might also want both the hookup and the sexting.

Thankfully there are plenty of sites dedicated to both online and offline hookups where you can state exactly what you are after. Many sites and apps even offer live cams and video chats if you want to step it up a notch!

There are also sexting apps that are perfect for sexting and trading nudes as they offer better security and anonymity than apps like snapchat and WhatsApp.

Below you will find some of the best sexting sites and messenger apps available today.

1. AdultFriendFinder - Best Site for Sexting

With more than 100M members, Adult Friend Finder is an online giant and great sext usite for online sexting where you can sext with strangers from around the world.

A Social Media Feel

AdultFriendFinder isn't just a hookup site, but also a site dedicated to all things sexy and kinky. Live webcams, video chat, blogs, vlogs…you find it all here. It’s, in short, one sexy community of people who embrace their naughtier side.


Profiles are as detailed as you choose to make them and you can look for people by searching members nearby, their sexual preferences, and looks.

2. Asstok

With about 2M members from the US and plenty form other countries, Asstok is no small sexting site. Many people from around the globe use it for online sexting, trading nudes, watching videos of models streamed on the site (a paid feature), and so forth. However, it’s no giant, like AdultFriendFinder.

Chatting to Others

You can sext with strangers and do video chats with strangers on Asstok. It’s easy to find other members—you can search by age, currently online, verified photos, physical characteristics and so forth. you can also look for members that are up for video chatting, or have livestreams on their profile. You can also search preferences such as people looking for online sexting only, or who want to meet to find friends with benefits and so forth.

Note that if you want to use Asstok on your phone, you need to download the .apk file.

3. UberHorny

Another of the sexting websites is Uber Horny, where you can find over 2M members in total. In other words, it’s not a huge sexting site, nor the smallest one around!

Fun Fact

You and sell your nudes and other creatively sexy photos in the Uber Horny catalogue. So if you always fancied being a porn star without having to join the trade, now’s your chance!

Meeting Members

Uber Horny offers a few different ways to meet and mingle with other members. You can search for members using various criteria, such as appearance and interests. You can also play the Who’s Cute? game where they match you in a Tinder-like fashion. Their page is also divided into four categories, where it will show latest member logins, members nearest to you, members with the most photos, and the most popular members. For this reason it’s great if you take your time to fill out your profile! If you want you can also post photos and updates in a newsfeed—Trending Now—where you can interact with other members.

Uberhorny’s search page is divided into four categories. You can view members by distance, last login, photo count, and by browsing through the most popular profiles. There are also search filters available that shows your search results to fit your ideal partner. Search results include sexual preference, country, appearance, interests, etc. You can also search by username.

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4. SnapChat

SnapChat, as you probably know, is one of best sexting apps. You can use it for online sexting and many people do. It’s a great app for sexting with strangers. Why? Because images aren’t saved to anyone’s phone.


This feature allows your friends to see where you are on a map. Do not use when chatting with strangers—stay safe.

Photo and Video Editing

You can have a lot of fun on Snap Chat when sending photos and videos as you can use filters that are a lot of fun. Hence, it’s great for trading nudes.

Photos Are Automatically Deleted

Snap Chat is great for privacy in that you can set an “expiration date” on a photo, or “snap.” Meaning if you want the receiver to be able to see it only for ten-seconds, you can make that happen. After that, the photo is automatically deleted.

However—and this is a big however—people can take screenshots of your photo. If they do, you are sent a notification. But, if they use a third party app to take a screenshot, you aren’t sent a notification. This means that unless you make sure the image you sent deconstructs within two-seconds, they may be able to do a screen capture.

Still, this is better than a text!

5. NoStringsAttached

No Strings Attached sounds like a site for friends with benefits, but in actual fact, it’s a site for attached men and women who want to find some fun on the side. It’s also for couples looking to hook up with others. In short, it was developed as an app for those looking for “discreet affairs.” However, it is open to anyone who wants to have a no strings attached hookup—even the single ones!

Discreet Online Sexting

If you’re looking for an online hookup that revolves around videos and sexts, then No Strings Attached is a great place to be. Users can get on live-streaming webcams, or do video messaging between themselves. Of course, you can also use the app to find real-life hookups.

6. Arousr

Arousr is different from many other apps in that it does not connect you to members, but to Chat Hosts (women) whom you can sext, video chat, or voice call. These women are paid for their services, but they choose when to login to the system and whom to chat to. In other words—you won’t chat with anyone who doesn’t want to chat with you.

If You Want Online Only

Arousr won’t be filled with members who are looking to hookup in real life, or relationships. So if you’re strictly looking to sext with strangers and want a sexting site that caters to that, then this is perfect. If, on the other hand, you feel bad that someone is getting paid to sext with you, then this is not the site for you!

7. Kik

Kik is an sexting app in the vein of WhatsApp, so great if you want to sext with someone you already know, or someone you met on an app and now want to make it more private. You will also find some dating style apps (such as Match & Chat and Flirt!) that operate within the Kik browser, where you can meet new people.

You can sext, send videos, photos, stickers, etc. and do voice and video calls with Kik.


If you turn off sharing your Kik account with your address book, the only way people can find you is by your username. That means that you don’t have to share your phone number to chat with someone on Kik. Nor are you able to send a pin with your location, meaning you won’t accidentally tell someone where you’re at.

8. WhatsApp

If you don’t know it already, WhatsApp is a popular sext app similar to Kik, that is owned by Facebook. They recently updated their privacy policy and caused havoc (and made people leave the app), but from our understanding, a regular website you visit in your browser will collect more data from you than WhatsApp will.

Great for Chatting

WhatsApp is easy to use and free—all you need is wifi and a phone number to connect to.

Not So Private

If people know your number, they can find you on WhatsApp. And you have to share your number to connect with someone.

9. Sextfriend

This is an app that says it’ll find you a sext buddy in minutes. In short, it sounds like one of the best sexting sites—very straight forward. However, it seems that there are few to no real users and what the site really wants is your email address and you signing up to paid sites that you access through Sextfriend.

Check it out, but beware of scams.

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10. Confide

Confide is a messaging app, similar to WhatsApp, only all messages are encrypted and deleted after they’ve been read. You can send images, videos, documents, voicemails, as well as regular texts. As the messages aren’t stored on a server, once they’re gone, they’re gone. And, of course, the app comes with screenshot proof software.

A Great App for Privacy

If you don’t want anyone else to scroll through your messages after they’ve been read, or send your messages onto others, then Confide is brilliant. It’s a great app if you want to sext with strangers and trade nudes—there’s no fear of them spreading the word to others!

It’s an app you might want to suggest the people you meet on a hookup app use once your messages start getting raunchy.

11. Dust

Dust is yet another safe messenger app. Like Confide, all messages are encrypted. However, there are some main differences.

You have 24-hours

While Confide deletes all opened messages, Dust clears your history every 24-hours. And you can take screenshots—but the sender is notified if you do so. If you are looking to sext with strangers, this can alert you to the fact that they are saving your data—but you can’t prevent them from doing so. You can unsend sent messages at any time, which is neat though.

12. Signal

Signal is another sexting app that offers end-to-end encryption when it comes to messages. Meaning no one but the receiver gets your message. You can also opt for self-destructing messages, but that’s optional meaning if you send a message you want someone to keep, you don’t have to have it disappear.

Lots of Ways to Express Yourself

Emojis, GIFs, etc. are all available within the app. You can even edit your photos. That makes it the ultimate sexting app as you don’t need third party (read: not private) suppliers of things like stickers to be able to express yourself while sexting.

An added bonus is that it was developed by a not for profit and is, therefore, free.

13. Wickr

Not a sexting app per se, Wickr is a secure messaging app that lets you set the time you want a message to be available to the receiver after being read. Do you want a message to self-destruct within three-seconds or six days? Or anywhere in between? That’s the timeframe you have when setting the messaging length. Wickr will also destroy any media sent in that message at the same time.

Screenshotting Allowed

Unlike some other apps, Wickr does not prevent screenshotting. As you have to touch the screen to be able to read a message (to make it easy to conceal if someone walks by—just release your finger) it’s tricky to take a screenshot, but not impossible.

14. Between Us

Between Us is different from all the other sexting apps mentioned here. Why? Because it was designed for couples as a way of keeping their communication private. Unlike Confide and other such apps that are designed to be used when you are talking to anyone, Between Us is only for you and your partner. You can even sync your calendars on there!

Great for Established Couples

Between Us is best for people who are in a committed relationship. It will enable you to save your conversations and sexts in one place, so that you can return to them, while also tracking anniversaries and other important events together.