A Comprehensive Guide on How to Have No Strings Attached Sex

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  • May 15, 2023

As human beings, we can't separate feelings from sex completely. Whether it is the feeling of anticipation or excitement, you cannot separate all emotion from sex. Instead, you can channel that emotion into anything other than a strong sense of love and attraction. We, as social beings, tend to stick to intimate moments for the rest of our lives.

The Casual Sex Rationale

Regardless of that fact, everyone craves a sexual experience that does not involve the aspect of a romantic relationship. As intelligent beings, the contemporary world is starting to accustom itself to the messy, unconventional form of intimacy.

Hence, the auspicious success of casual sex around the world has taught people how to maintain boundaries and sustain feelings for the sake of pleasure. The rationally minded does not wish to carry the burdens of emotional attachment to fulfill their sexual desires.

How to Have No Strings Attached Sex?

Even though the act of casual sex entails intimate fun without feelings, this does not mean that you have to be completely inconsiderate. Conventionally, sex comes after a series of dates where you get to know each other comprehensively. Thus, you are already aware of your partner’s likes, dislikes, kinks, and fetishes in bed.

However, no-strings-attached sex does not follow multiple interactions and conversations. This is why you must have precise and concise communication with your partner before casual sex for a successful time in bed. Since the person you will be having sex with is a stranger and you do not know about their personal preferences, Turn-On’s and turn-off, the conversation about it is necessary.

Communication should not only be post-hookup but also during the sexual encounter. You must always be willing to ask for feedback during sex. Feedback allows you to ensure that you are satisfying your partner in every way possible. It is not only considerate but also a very respectable act from your side. [Read: How to Hook Up with a Girl You Just Met]

Think of It as an Egalitarian Effort

Since no social tie or expectations is bounding the act of casual sex, it should be favorable to both partners. None should expect special treatment from the other, and the experience should encompass an aspect of mutual understanding and egalitarian effort. Each actionable possibility in a casual hookup should be a part of mutual agreement, without any traces of compromise from either party.

Furthermore, you should know how to differentiate between having no-strings-attached sex and having someone who keeps you company when you are lonely. No-strings-attached sex is only an act of pleasure and does not cater to either partner’s emotional baggage.

Thus, look at it as a social contract with regulations, boundaries, and restrictions that reflect both the person’s racial, socio-economical and personal characteristics. If, in any case, both the individual’s interests come into conflict, they should sort it out at that very moment or have the right to leave. [Read: How to Get Laid on Hookup Apps]

Therefore, casual sex with no strings attached includes plenty of considerations and respectful conversations. Some may find that to be restrictive. However, it is, in fact, more liberating when individuals share what they want and agree with how they will proceed.

It gives them a sense of freedom that you cannot find in conventional sex. Emotionally bound Sex in a relationship usually involves one-sidedness, compliance, and compromise. In comparison, no-strings-attached sex caters specifically to sexual requirements.


Most people overcomplicate the friends with benefits contract, and it is usually due to the involvement of feelings. To perform the no-strings-attached sex successfully, you have to eradicate the traditional romantic connections tied to sex and adopt a different kind of connection. This connection has to do with moral obligations and empathy.