Eharmony Review – Is this Possibly The Best Dating Site in 2023?

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  • SerialDaters
  • May 20, 2023

If you are someone who's into serious relationships and dating, then we'd recommend you check out Eharmony. We've prepared non-biased review of this dating platform for you. Let's dive in!

Site Overview

EHarmony is definitely the most popular dating site for a serious relationship, and one of the best dating sites in general.

Even though it was launched almost two decades ago, it still manages to stay relevant, and it gathers hundreds of thousand of new members every single year.

If you were looking for a dating site for marriage, then this is definitely the real deal for you and the place where you will be able to find the most compatible partner for yourself easily.

How Easy Is It to Use the Site?

EHarmony is a very practical dating site and its whole design and the way the algorithm works are the reason why it was chosen as the best dating site for years, even nowadays when we have hundreds of new and more modern apps.

This is particularly thanks to its simple design that allows you to edit your profile, upload new information, and like other users with just one simple click.

Since people who are using it are usually over 30 years old, the whole platform is accustomed to them and the main goal of the website is to help everyone find their significant other as soon as possible.

That is also the reason why you will be provided with a brief overview of someones dating profile on your homepage, which will definitely help you a lot in making the decision of who is the right match for you.

Everything is accustomed to their users and the main goal of the platform is to create a pleasant environment where people will be able to share their ideas and opinions without any fear of judgment.

How It Works?

Since EHarmony is a platform aimed at people who are looking for a serious relationship or even a marriage, they are offering hundreds of different features and filters that will help you find your soulmate as fast as possible.

For that reason, you will be able to basically design your future partner and choose not only his looks, education, workplace, and location, but also hobbies, favorite book, movie, or rock band.

These features and filters will help people meet the person they have really spent their whole lives looking for, and this whole process can be done within 10 minutes.

If you are eager to find your perfect partner, then EHarmony is the ideal place, and if you learn how to use all of their features and filters the right way, you will end up married after two months, or at least that is what their old users claim they have done.

Also, the reason why so many people are still joining EHarmony and deciding to continue their dating life on a platform that is a bit old-school is that it is highly safe and does a thorough check-up on everyone who joins it.

When creating your own EHarmony account, you will have to confirm your identity in several ways, and in case the support turns out to be highly suspicious, you may even need to upload your ID or a scan of some other document that was issued to you by the government.

This is something that is becoming very important and popular on many new dating apps and websites, so you shouldn’t feel surprised, and you definitely shouldn’t be scared to share this information with the platform.

It will be used only for security purposes, and there is no way your information will get leaked or shared with third parties.

Fortunately, they do have mobile app for ios and android, so you can work fast and keep in touch with your potential partners, you will really choose one method to be online.

The membership is also quite expensive, so it may not be the right choice for everyone.

Special Features

Every dating platform has its unique special features that set it apart from others, and these are some of the best features on EHarmony!

Send a smile: Unlike other dating apps where you need to send a like in order to show someone you want to reach out to them, this is a place where you will send a smile and try to initiate contact with them.

What if?: Even though this is a special paid feature you need to think twice about, it is an amazing option that will allow you to match with 30 people who have nothing in common with you. Who knows, maybe you find your soulmate right among them?

Video Date: EHarmony was one of the first dating sites that introduced the video call feature and not only it will help you get to know your potential partner better, but it will also protect you from potential scammers hiding behind fake profiles.

Send questions: If you don’t know what is the right way to start a conversation, you can always use their Send question feature and use a generated message to initiate contact.


  • Best dating site for marriage
  • Very safe
  • High profile quality


  • Only for serious relationships
  • Pretty expensive membership

Customer Support

The EHarmony customer support is fantastic, and they are really trying their best to respond to all of your questions and problems as fast as possible.

You can feel free to reach out to them whenever you want, and I am sure they will be glad to help you out.

However, they don’t really offer refunds, so you should think twice before you decide to invest in the app.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, EHarmony is probably the best dating site for serious relationships, and it is one of the platforms you need to give a try if you are looking for a long-term relationship or even marriage.